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The power to control your home’s energy flow will rest in the palm of your hand. For just $10 a month, VPP users can use our app to buy energy in the wholesale market, enabling them to easily track, store, and even eventually sell energy. This lowers the cost of their power bill over time, generates extra income, and offsets the cost of upgrades.

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The benefits of home batteries are simple, proven, and powerful. With the battery, you can store energy at its cheapest and use what you store during high-demand times – bringing equilibrium to your home’s energy consumption.

Peaks and Valleys with Tesla Battery install

Powering the home


These batteries are an attractive, affordable and compact way to store energy in the home. When enough batteries have been installed, the excess energy stored in them during consumption downtimes will join our decentralized network, which transfers energy to and from other homes or into the grid.

Powering the grid

The VPP energy network is a Virtual Power Plant, storing energy in the cloud to transfer when needed.

By storing energy during consumption downtimes and selling energy or reducing the load when energy usage is at its peak, VPP actually creates a marketplace – which not only earns you money, but makes homes on the network more resilient.

Current Electric Provider Graphic

The modern power grid is centralized on a few key power providers distributing power through an antiquated, patchwork grid that’s expensive to maintain, bad for the environment and prone to sporadic failures.

VPP Providing Tesla Power

The virtual power plant democratizes the power grid. By decentralizing power storage and distribution, the virtual power plant enables a stronger grid that’s cheaper, better for the environment and provides fewer interruptions to daily life.


VPP is a unique digital asset tokenized by representing kilowatts available in the energy cloud at any time. By trading energy within the VPP marketplace, consumers can store and sell energy as needed. And the longer consumers stay in the network, the more powerful your VPP portfolio – and your future – will become.


When you invest in the VPP network, you’re not just enriching your portfolio – you’re helping create a better, more climate-friendly energy grid for everyone. If you’re ready to join us in revolutionizing the future of energy, we want to hear from you now.

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